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I love demonstrating at shows and events.  Meeting new people and watching thier art grow is a huge passion of mine

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Please feel free to contact me about shows or demonstrations. 
phone: 07961 786849

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Frequently Asked Questions

Think you cant draw?

Many people think that they cant paint because they cant draw.  This is not the case.  Painting is something else entirely.  Have a go at some of my projects and dont worry about the drawing, you can print, trace, copy or transfer the drawing if you wish or simply have a go.  As you can see from my projects, the drawing is just a guideline as the paint covers it up.

Does it cost a lot to start painting?

That depends on who you speak to.  Some people think that you have to have everything before you start.  I only use 5 brushes and 8-9 colours depending on the media.  Check out my shop by clicking the shop link at the top of this page.  It might surprise you how little you need and how little you have to spend.

What if im no good?

Art is very subjective.  Not everyone likes the same style or the same media.  All thats important is that you enjoy what you are painting.  If you enjoy it then thats all that matters and you might surprise yourself with a few new paintings for your walls.
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